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Many sacred traditions describe exalted states of being. From the east we learn about Ananda, Nirvana and Samadhi. In western spiritual traditions we find the concepts of Heaven, Paradise and Eden.

Heaven is an inner state of peace, joy, love and a high level of well being. It is possible to cultivate these high vibrational states and to live in them - that this is our birthright as beings given the gift of life by a loving Creator.

Through conscious connection with our essence we transform awareness, heal, grow and become awakened co-creators with this beautiful, magical, mysterious, sacred Universe.  

It is my calling to help people access these inner states through the use of music, sound, touch, presence, energy healing, holy oils, inspired verse and song.

It is my joy to assist you to relax, open and expand into these beautiful states of being. Welcome to my healing practice and enjoy your explorations of my website! I hope you find some treasures to help you on your sacred path of being and becoming.

With love,

~ Christine

"Beauty and love are as body and soul. Inexhaustible mine and diamond without price..." ~ Rumi





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